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6/12 One Taken and the Other Left (A New Look at the Blessed Hope) Bohr

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1. Prophecy's Time Frame
2. The Little Horn that Changed God's Times
3. Protestants Are No More
4. Israel and the Palestinians
5. The Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks
6. One Taken and the Other Left
7. The Secret Rapture Fallacy
8. The Three Comings of Jesus
9. Four Portraits of the Millennium
10. Satan's Final Deception
11. The Devastating Implications of Futurism
12. The Great Controversy & Daniel 11

Many counterfeit prophetic views have overwhelmed the Christian church in recent years. Prognostication and speculation seem to be the order of the day.
◾ What is meant by the terms dispensationalism, futurism and preterism?
◾Are these methods of interpretation really biblical and are they preparing us for the time of the end?
◾Could Satan be setting up a smokescreen upon the Christian world by the increasing popularity of these views, fueled by such books and movies as "Left Behind" and "The Omega Code", as he runs a counter play in another direction?
◾With all kinds of hype, excitement and confusion can we really make sense out of Bible prophecy?
◾Is there another method of interpretation that is truly biblical and fits all of the pieces of the puzzle together?
Pastor Bohr, in this riveting and Bible-centered 12-part series, shows how the historicist method that Protestants used to use in their understanding of Bible prophecy is really not old and outdated, but is the only method that truly gives us satisfying, sensible, non-contradictory and biblically sound principles.

Cutting-edge issues in this series include:
◾What is historicism and how did its use contribute to the rise of Protestantism?
◾How and why did the preterist, and especially the futurist, approaches to Bible prophecy enter Protestantism?
◾What is meant when the Bible says God's "times and laws" were changed by a "little horn" and how are they to be restored?
◾Are Protestants living up to their name anymore or has compromise, popularity and ease blinded them from protesting for the truth?
◾Does the Bible really teach a pre-tribulation secret rapture of the church?
◾Is the exciting scenario portrayed in movies that show planes and cars crashing, as some people are quietly and invisibly taken to heaven and others are left behind to face a seven year horror of tribulation, really going to happen?
◾Are the people who are "left behind" at the Rapture really the ones not ready for Jesus' coming or is the opposite true?
◾What is meant by the term "thief in the night" and how can we be prepared for that event?
◾Do the events portrayed in the "last week" of the 70-week prophecy of Daniel 9 refer to the ministry of Christ at His first coming or does the term "the Prince that is to come" instead refer to an end-time Antichrist ruler as is being taught today?
◾Will this evil individual really take over a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem and persecute the Jews and those unready "left-behind" believers after the Rapture?
◾Do Israel and the Arab nations even play any major role in future Bible prophecy?
◾Will there be two more chances to be saved if we miss the first one?
◾Will the Millennium be spent by the saved in heaven or will they live on earth during a 1,000 year reign of peace and prosperity?
◾Who is the "man of sin" in 2nd Thessalonians 2 and what temple does he try to occupy?
◾Who is the "King of the North" in Daniel 11?
◾How can we prepare for the overwhelming final deception of satan in the last days?
◾Can we know what it is?
◾How do the inroads of futurism destroy the prophetic mission of Seventh-day Adventists?
◾Could we even exist if its teachings are true?
◾What two things are we especially called to restore to Christianity?
These and other crucial questions are answered with simplicity, clarity and depth. This is a valuable addition to any library. Every Christian needs to thoroughly understand the issues discussed in these vitally important topics, because Satan will use similar means to keep last day believers from properly understanding and preparing for Christ's second coming as he did in causing many to misunderstand and reject Christ at His first coming.

Even those familiar with the views presented in this series will more than likely find many new and thrilling gems, insights and connections they had not thought of before. Not searching and obtaining a correct biblical view of these subjects could very well help decide where we will spend eternity if we find ourselves unprepared to face the coming mark of the beast.

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