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The Apostle Paul For Dummies

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Name says it all. If you dont realize their is something seriously wrong with the apostle Paul, then you had best ask yourself a question.....who in fact do you actually worship and serve? The apostle Paul was 'demon possessed' (2 Cor.12:7), he lied so many times throughout his letters and Acts, its a wonder his epistles are actually in the scripture!. If you cannot see that he in fact fulfills every single precept that identifys the 'antichrist', then your 'asleep' (Jer 51:39). He is the 'father of tares', he was born 2 years prior to Christ and was part of the herodion dynasty that sought to kill Christ. Jesus said 'an enemy' had already sowed tares before he was crucified. Could Jesus have been warning about Paul before his passion,? I in fact suspect so. The antichrist sits between 4 fingers (the gospels) and a thumb (the revelation), and his name is THE APOSTLE PAUL. Satan's 'seat' sits IN the apostle Paul, who WAS (as he was alive), IS NOT (hes long since dead), but YET IS (his words live in the bible).

Rev 12:15 And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood.

The flood of the 'serpent' is 22 general epistles long, 13 satanic Pauline canons wide, and it sits between the gospels and revelation like a great sword taking the many into THE WIDE GATE. Pauline false gospel of abolished law is that 'way that seemeth right to a man' that Leads to DEATH.

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