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Messiah Jesus Was Not God PROOF From The Gospels

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Speaker: Professor Bart D Ehrman at a debate with Craig Evans in 2007

There is no doubt that in the gospel of John, the fourth gospel, the Jewish Rabbi Yehoshua, known as Jesus, understands himself to be god and explicitly calls himself divine. According to that gospel Jesus allegedly says "I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father but by me". But he also says "I and the Father are one; before Abraham was, I am".. These are sayings of Jesus found only in Gospel of John. Jesus calls himself god in the gospel of John, the latest of our gospels, but what is striking is that he never calls himself god in Mark, Mathew or Luke, our earliest gospels. I am absolutely certain Jesus never said these things. And so far as I know, either does any other critical biblical scholar. There are hundreds of biblical scholars but there is no scholar of the gospel of John except for extremely conservative evangelicals or fundamentalists who think that the author of gospel of John accurately records all of the words of Jesus. If you think he does; if you think Jesus did go around Galilee and Jerusalem calling himself god, I'd like you to explain to us on historical, not theological, but historical grounds how Rabbi Jesus managed to escape getting stoned to death for blasphemy. And more important, how it is that Mark, Mathew and Luke don't record Jesus calling himself god! That seems like a rather important point. Did they just forget to mention that part?




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