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Jesus Idolatry, the Greatest Deception Ever 8/9

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This is the false god of the New Age/New World Order/End Days.

This god is not the One Ruling and Living Master, the Absolute, the Ruler of all things, god is simply a matric which encompasses us all: the universe, the nature, each human being... this is the false god, the one who does not exist, it's just a container, a principle within us, god is limited to his creation while he is the Creator. The Creator does not need the creation to exist while the contrary is false. For the blind and lost souls, they cannot understand this difference, they simply have not faith except in themselves and in this material world.

This false god is already worshipped by the sheep all over the world, they worship themselves, they worship their passion and their pleasures, they think that life is a game and that they are not accountable....how far and wrong they are!

Those who have a true faith in God and not the idolworshippers (who worships ascended masters, spirit guides, gurus, saints, Jesus, Mary, the Holy spirits, Muhammad) know God within themselves and know that the Quran is the Truth from God, they can see the total opposition between the false God of the new world and the True Real God.

In the religion of the new age, it's not even a religion, all the laws of God have been ignored, the sole and unique law is: "Do what you want".

All the principles of God have been redefined by Satan, the lost souls are trapped and cannot see again, never ever, and soon the devils will be visible in plain sight walking among the people... and many of them are already here playing the first roles, showing the bad exemple, leading the people, the sheep to their final destruction.

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