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Spirit Of Babylon!

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In the Bible and in legend, Nimrod is the, son of Cush, grandson of Ham, great-grandson of Noah. Nimrod is mentioned in the 10th chapter of Genesis, in the first book of Chronicles, and in the book of Micah. In the Bible he is an evil figure; in later interpretations, as recorded by Josephus and the rabbis who compiled the midrash, he is the subject of innumerable legends.

The very first mentioning after the Great Flood, is the building of the Tower of Babylon. Nimrod grandson of Ham was the first human to oppose God. He is the man who supervised the building of the Tower of Babel. Genesis 11, the first half of Chapter 11 tells the story of the Tower of Babel.

Genesis 11:4 They said: "Come on! Let us build ourselves a city and also a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a celebrated name for ourselves, for fear we may be scattered over all the surface of the earth.

"These words were in direct disobedience to God's order to the descendants of Noah to multiply and fill the whole world".

This tower was built because the people did not trust God when he promised that he would not destroy them with another flood.

They also knew that God had made a covenant with Noah that mankind would never be destroyed by flood waters again. However, they did not believe God, nor did they trust Him. They knew of Nimrod's mighty strength, and most of the people relied on him for security, as we read in Genesis 10:8-11. They trusted Nimrod.

Nimrod became a god-man to the people and Semiramis (also known as Astarte & many other names), his wife and mother, became the powerful Queen of ancient Babylon. Nimrod began a counterfeit religion, in ancient Babylon before Christ came to earth.

Read Genesis 10:8-9,10. And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar." These are the first established kingdoms mentioned in the Bible.

All false religion started in ancient Babylon, with Nimrod. Keep in mind that at this point people are into heathenism.

The weeping for Tammuz is mentioned in scripture. The book of Ezekiel chapters 8--11 enumerates visions of idolatry in the Temple.

Ezekiel 8:14, is the abomination of the women weeping for Tammuz. This is followed by verse 16, the abomination of worshiping the sun.

Since man looked up towards the sky, that was when the first religion was born.The two primary gods the ancient people worshiped were the SUN and MOON-god. The ancient nations were fascinated with the different phases of the sun and the moon, their movements were used to determine times for worship. Again, this was all based on fear and superstition. As believers in astrology, they considered their lives to be controlled by celestial events.

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