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Christianity and Its "Pagan" Symbols


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Are modern day Christian symbols such as the Cross, the Fish, St. George the Dragon Slayer, the Theotokos and much more original? Did they originate with the Christian religion? If not, what are their origins? Christian apologists will have you believe that the Cross has no origins; that the origin of the Cross is unclear. This is not to admit and recognize that "pagan" theology influenced Christianity.
One of our devout listeners, the Pious Abu, courageously defends his Orthodoxy. There is nothing wrong with that, reader. The ICGJC avoids the challenge and yet, they are victorious? Either way, both parties will continue to experience the essence of pure logic, reason and belittlement from the arrogant and pompous K.O.C. Nonetheless, Abu's failed attempts will always be recognized as courage and the ICGJC will always remain the Cowardly Lions.
I am His Royal Rudeness, K.O.C. An apostate to most; an heretic to some and an antichrist to the insidious ICGJC.
Do know and understand-your symbols and images such as the Cross, St. George the Dragon Slayer, the Dove, the Theotokos, the Fleur De Lis and whatever else I did not list, have origins. "Pagan" theology influenced Christianity. As much as you do not want to admit, deep down inside, "you know it to be true!"

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