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Added by Admin in The Law and the Commandments


Are You Lawless or Lukewarm in your faith? What Law and Prophets were not abolished by Christ? What is the Law for Salvation and The Kingdom of God (Heaven)? What are God's Commandments? Do you follow the Law of Christ or The Law of Moses? What are the New Testament Commandments in the New Covenant for Christians? Obey the righteous commandments (codes of wisdom) of Yeshua (Jesus) Christ , The Holy Spirit, and His Apostles, Not the commandments of Moses. The Ethnic Jews will, but their hearts have been hardened, Until all gentiles whose name is written in the Book of Life, have come to Christ! Fear God and obey Christ! Christians are falling away from the Grace of God. Get out of the Shadow of Death, the Covenant of Death, and come to Christ, before it is too late! The Law is written in our hearts, not in letters! Flesh can NOT enter the Kingdom of God, so if you are attempting, physically, to do things to enter the Kingdom of God, you are on the wrong path. Get Your Spirit in line with Christ! Follow Him in Spirit (Meekness, Humbleness, Gentleness, Kindness, Patience, Love, Faithfulness, Selflessness, Charity, etc..) NOT in the flesh (trying to be like a Jew, whose covenant was Abolished with Christ; Not walking on water, etc...). It is all about the Spirit, my friends. BE HUMBLE AND REPENT!! COME TO CHRIST WITH ALL OF YOUR SPIRIT, MIND, AND BODY!

It is seared in every man's conscience (spirit), since the beginning of time, when Adam ate of the Tree of Good and Evil. Thus ALL mankind know that there is One Creator, God, so do not have idols or other gods, and do not murder, nor steal, or lie, or be sexually immoral, and honor your elders, etc.. it is the true nature of the Spirit of love, that is God, in which mankind was created, from His very breath (Spirit).

When anyone reads the bible it is clear from the Old Testament alone that all God ever wanted was for us to love Him and one another, the rest is commentary and points to Christ.

Ever wonder why Jesus, when quoting scripture, says to the Jews 'IN YOUR LAW" or "IN THEIR LAW" or In the "LAW OF MOSES" or "The LAW THE MOSES GAVE"? Those are the words of God trying to bring in HIS LAW OF SPIRIT & LIFE, The NEW COVENANT. (John 10:34- Psalm 82:6); (John 15:25- Psalm 69:4,35:19) (John 8:17- Deuteronomy 17:6;19:15) (Matthew 8:4- Leviticus 13:49) (Mark 10:5 -Moses wrote Law to Jews because their hearts were hardened). The law for the Children of Israel was written because they did not understand the Spirit of God, within. The words Christ spoke are the Words of God, Obey Him and His words!

You notice that throughout the entire life of Christ and His apostles they never mention to obey, The Sabbath Days, Feasts, The Judgments, and all of The "to do's and Not to do's which were only in the Covenant with Israel, but they mention the laws of God since the beginning of time, and the Sabbath that comes in Christ. Written in the conscience (spirit) of EVERY man, and also a part of the Noahic Covenant . IE: One God (Genesis 1) Thou shall not blaspheme God (Satan, Adam 1st offender), thou shall not murder (Satan, Cain 1st offender) , though shall not steal (Satan), thou shall not lie (Satan, Cain 1st offender), thou shall not commit idolatry (Children before the flood), thou shall not commit adultery or sexual immorality (Fallen Angels, Children before the flood; Ham, Soddom & Gomorrah), thou shall not eat the blood of animals, right for government and justice system (both given to Noah after flood). *See Genesis Ch 1-9

King David was So excited about Christ, that He wrote Psalms about Him. All of the Prophets and Authors in the Bible spoke about Christ. Christ is what Abraham was promised!! He admits He is the awaited King (who will rule forever): John 18:37; Matthew 27:11; Mark 15:2; Luke 23:3. Obey Him, NOT MOSES.

If you are looking to the Old Covenant Commandments, then read Isaiah 28. Galatians, and Acts 15! It is all about people who do that. God Bless You!

Rom 8:2 "For The Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death."

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