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Jesus is not God - 36 proofs from the New Testament

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The Biblical Israelites had a unique conception of God. They believed that there was only One God and that He was without form. Their religion was one in which it was forbidden to anthropomorphize God. Christianity has its roots in the monotheistic religion of the Israelites. Yet, in spite of the Old Testament’s unequivocal teaching that God is One, and not a man or a son of man, Christians have asserted that the God of the Israelites is a “trinity”, and that Jesus the son of Mary is the second person of that “trinity”. Others have claimed that Jesus is actually the Old Testament God in human form.

In all their history, the Jews have never understood God as being triune. The very idea of God taking on human form is completely alien to their religion. Yet, there are Christians who assert that these ideas are founded on the Jewish scriptures. The Christian idea that God incarnated into Jesus of Nazareth is far removed from the strict monotheism of the Old Testament. It is an erroneous doctrine and it stands contrary to what the Bible plainly teaches concerning Jesus. This will be demonstrated through numerous proofs from the New Testament.

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