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13. AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH... ❤️ JESUS explains Matthew 24:37

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13. Chapter – Matthew 24:37 – “As in the days of Noah…”

Recorded on the 11.01.1844

1. Just write down, whatever you have!

2. And as the days of Noah, so also shall the coming of the son of man be.” (Matthew 24:37 & Luke 17:26)

3. You have chosen a text, and it’s again the right one, only, the message of this text is too obvious before your eyes – or this central sun is exceedingly close, so close actually, that it would be very odd, if you would not see it at first glance, – and it is even more odd, because the time of Noah lies in front of you like an open book already!

4. As you know, how the cultures of the valley, during the time of Noah, also threw themselves into all sorts of science and literature. A well known king of the valley was a famous author. Thousands of people followed his example, and in a very short time, the entire world back then was flooded with myriads of books and scriptures.

5. The more this literature prevailed, the more the people read and studied, the colder they became in their hearts, – and at the same time, they became more and more cunning to devise all sorts of evil!

6. They started to trap the people by the means of politics, and soon, they did not shudder from using any means, even if it was extremely outrageous, to achieve some vain, domineering purpose. At the end, they even managed to come so far, as to value the people according to gold; whoever did not possess any, was made a slave. They determined to use him as a literal pack animal, and in this manner, they pushed these horror scenes so far, that I had to finally lose My patience, and I could only preserve this earth from its doom by a general judgment.

7. This was the way things were during Noahs time. Well, how are they now?

8. I showed you already a while ago, the so called ‘Twelve Hours’, how things are right now. If I were to show you another one of these revelations, you would discover a major progress in world politics and cruelty; and I tell you, not a lot more is necessary for you to completely enter Noahs time, in which houses made of glass had to be built, so that men of the most cunning politics were always able to monitor without any difficulty, what their subjects were doing.

9. But the glass-houses are not necessary anymore; the secret politics have also thrived so far in your time, that no possible means will be unattempted, in order for them to achieve their vain and domineering purpose! If you would be privy to the secrets of many states, actually, you would scream horrendously… ‘Lord, please strike them down! Because it could not be any worse in the deepest hell, than it is here!’

10. But I do not want to divulge such secrets to you, for if you only catch a single glimpse on their fruits, it cannot possibly slip by you to see with the greatest certainty, whose spirit’s children such prophets are, who bring forth such glorious fruits – what is the reason for all this?

11. Let’s look at the kingdom that is surrounded by water! (England) There are so many libraries and newspapers in this kingdom, that it would be possible to cover Europe and Asia three times with the sheets, and nowhere else have people read so much like in this kingdom, but you also do not find easily another place with a greater callousness and completely hardened hearts as in this kingdom! With the greatest indifference of the world can such an educated great one – abounding in Gold, well read and well taught – look at a thousand poor, wailing, destitute and homeless people in front of his palace, as they die from hunger, without being moved to hand those many dying ones a piece of bread.

12. Question: Is this not a glorious fruit of great literacy, and often deep mathematical and mechanical wisdom?!

13. Isn’t it great, when one can build working machines by such mathematical and mechanical wisdom, by which thousands of people are robbed of their bread in one whack and are sentenced to a starvation death?!

14. Isn’t it awesome to build train systems, by which for one thing a lot of carters and other craftsmen lose their income, and secondly, so many properties of the farmers are destroyed by all these great and beautiful roads and rails, so that he will have to grasp the beggars staff soon thereafter?! And thirdly, another great benefit is coming to the surface, which is, that on all these paths, the luxury and industry thereof can be transported even more quickly, so that humanity will be ruined physically and spiritually even faster, and the hearts of the rich people will become as hard as the roads very soon, out of which they converse together through trade and swindle?!

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